Passing of the torch

In case you missed it in the last newsletter, our editor for the past few years (Jane Mingari) has “retired” from the editing duties.  Jane’s artistic sketches and cartoons have made our newsletter something special to look forward to.  All of us at the WES would like to thank Jane for her time and efforts while serving as the newsletter editor.

Fortunately, a long-time WES member, Jordan Marché, has agreed to take up the editing duties.  Recently, Jordan sent out an introductory email to WES members.  Typically, there tends to be a group of “regulars” that contribute to the newsletter.  However, anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit articles for publication.  Articles don’t need to be lengthy or technical by any means.  The important thing is to share your interesting observations, stories, and pictures of our insect fauna.  If you’d like to know more about contributing an article to the WES newsletter, email Jordan Marché (