2017 WES Meeting Recap and Photo Competition Winners

Once again, WES’s fall meeting was well attended, with nearly 30 members and friends attending the event on November 4th.  In addition to catching up with fellow insect enthusiasts, big draws of the meeting are the annual “Tales from the Field” (short reports from the last year on collecting trips, interesting finds, and other news) and the annual Photo Salon Competition.  As in previous years, 2017’s Photo Salon Competition featured great images from a number of WES members. The winning images of 2017 can be found below:

1st Place: A moth making a nighttime snack for a Nursery Web Spider (Kyle Johnson)

2nd Place: Singing male Forbes’ Tree Cricket (Oecanthus forbesi) (Nancy Collins)

3rd Place: Up-close shot of a Wandering Violin Mantis (Gongylus gongylodes) (PJ Liesch)

2017 Summer WES Outing

We’re happy to announce the details for the 2017 summer WES outing well in advance to allow members to plan accordingly.  This summer’s event will be held on Saturday, June 17th at the Navarino State Wildlife Area in Shawano County.  For those that are interested, the event will also feature nighttime light trapping for moths and camping will be available.

Additional details about that weekend’s events can be found on the Meetings and Events Page.

2016 WES Photo Competition Winners

The 2016 fall meeting was well attended, with roughly 30 WES members at the event.  One of the biggest draws for the meeting is the annual photo salon competition which features great photographs of insects and other arthropods from the last year.  2016’s winners can be found below:

1st Place: Robber Flies by Jeff Gruber
2nd Place: Mayfly larva (Siphlonurus phyllis) by Tom Klubertanz
3rd Place: Shamrock Orbweaver in late summer by PJ Liesch

Summer 2015: Upcoming Events

WES members are invited to several upcoming events this summer (2015):

Week of June 8: Loretta and Hildegard Kuse of the Kuse Nature Preserve in Medford, WI have over 200 Luna Moth pupae ready to eclose. (The first eclosed on Saturday, June 6th)  If you’re in northwestern  WI, the preserve is open to the public to see these elegant moths!  See the Kuse Nature Preserve website for directions: http://kuse.medford.k12.wi.us/main/contact.html

June 13: The Lower Sugar River Watershed Association will be hosting an all day BioBlitz along a portion of the Sugar River in southern Wisconsin.  The event will be looking for a wide range of taxa at the site and entomologists are welcome to join in.  For more information about the event, visit the event page on the LSRWA website (http://www.lsrwa.org/events/bioblitzbugs-birds-botany-on-the-sugar-river).

July 10-12: The 2015 BugGuide Gathering is being held in Turtle Lake, WI this July.  Visit: bugguide.net/node/view/1050955 for details.

July 18-26: The ever-popular National Moth Week (nationalmothweek.org) is being held from July 18-26 this year.  WES held a successful event at Erickson Wetlands, near Argyle, WI last year and Plans are in the works for another National Moth Week outing this year.  Stay tuned for updates about a possible outing.

August 21-22: The Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) will be hosting a BioBlitz at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center (SAC) in August. The BioBlitz is a 24 hour activity (will occur rain or shine between Friday, August 21 starting at 3pm and ending Sat, August 22 at 3pm) where knowledgeable biologists and researchers survey a specific site within a 24 period to see how many species they can detect/collect within the timeframe. A tent with power and some microscopes will be set up for sorting activities. You are welcome to participate for as much time as you care to contribute (one hour or 24). For folks coming in from out of town, camping will be allowed at SAC and light meals/beverages/snacks will be provided. Educators from SAC and MPM will have activities for the public on Saturday – they will be allowed to observe and learn about the diversity of species found, but will not be participating in the surveys. It should be fun and a time for good comradery (and/or competition). Please contact Susan Borkin (borkin@mpm.edu, 414-278-6158) or Julia Colby (colby@mpm.edu, 414-278-2760) if you are interested in participating or would like more information.